Welcome to Over it – Small steps for big-ass changes | Episode 1

Are you forever starting on Monday (the universal day to change your life) and going ‘all-in’ until Friday when you throw in the towel and do ‘nothing’ all weekend?

You’re not alone!  

So many of us are ‘Over it.’

It’s time to dump the grand gestures and to start taking small steps for big-ass changes. 

Tune in today for…

* Cultivating mutual respect when you have a difference of opinion.

* Instigating lasting change can be like sitting on an ants nest, how many stings do you take before you’re finally ready to get up and move?

* Over-doing is unsustainable, how to flip out of the ‘all-or-nothing’ trap.

* How the little actions we do each day can make such a big impact in the long term.

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