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When it comes to weight release, the problem isn’t knowing WHAT to do.

It’s actually DOING IT.



Suzanne mindset and weight loss

Hi, I’m Suzanne Culberg.


I know what it’s like to need to lose weight.  I get it. I was overweight for most of my life, so any excuse you can give me, I’ve heard them all, I’ve probably already told myself that same line.  

For example: now isn’t a good time.  Skipping one workout out won’t hurt.  You’ve worked so hard you deserve that snack.  Just eat one.

But what I know it comes down to is the disconnect with the mindset.  

I help women who are ready to take a stand and finally let go of their physical and emotional weight for good to deal with their mindset blocks.

Far too often I meet women who feel judged – that their competency is questioned – because of their weight.

But even though they think about losing weight all the time, there’s a disconnect between THINKING and DOING.

Because you’re a smart woman, you know what to do, but you’re just not doing what you need to be doing.  There’s something that keeps blocking you from DOING it.
That’s where I come in.



First up:

  • I’m a straight talker and an accountability queen.

  • I don’t muck around – I’m here to help you make a change.


I don’t like kale, I’m not going to ask you to live on lettuce and sometimes I have ice cream for dinner. You don’t have to be boring to shed weight. When I say you don’t have to punish yourself with nothing chicken and broccoli to shed that weight, I mean it.

I know, because I’ve done it.

I’ve released 78kg since 2015. Yes, you read that right.  I used to weigh over twice as much as I do now.


Until I sorted my mindset, I was on the gain weight/lose/gain merry-go-round.


I lost 43kg in 2007 and 60kg in 2012…. Only to pile it all back on (and a little extra) both times because I didn’t change what was going on in my mind first.

Then I got smart, and stopped trying to make myself do things…. And dealt with WHY I wasn’t doing them in the first place.

Today, I use NLP, hypnosis, timeline therapy, energy medicine and other modalities to help women deal with what’s going on upstairs. The stuff that stops you from doing all the things you know you SHOULD do, but don’t ACTUALLY do.

Again. It’s not that you don’t know WHAT to do. It’s taking action and actually DOING IT… consistently!

You can keep fighting yourself to *finally* get thin. But I can very confidently say there will be changes that need to happen in your mind for your weight release to be permanent.

So if you’re ready to experience this kind of shift for yourself go check out my Work with me Page.

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