Weight loss accountability coach?

What even is that?

Hi I’m Suzanne. I’m a bit of a unicorn, so it’s hard to pin down in just a few words exactly what I do.

I’ve been called a weight loss accountability coach, a mindset coach for weight loss, and (lovingly) a velvet hammer by some of my clients!

Yes, part of my work is about accountability – but it’s so much more than that.

I offer a supportive, resonant community where you can be seen and witnessed.

Where you have the support to let go of old patterns, to create new sustainable habits, and to build the confidence to follow through and achieve lasting change.

My Story

As a serial dieter for most of my life, I’ve tried all the things. And it’s exhausting…

  • the constant stress and worry of living in a larger body, and the challenges that brings
  • the fear of judgement from others – when the WORST judgement comes from you!
  • always being careful of what you eat in front of friends – only to swing by Mcdonalds on the way home for a family box and 3 thick shakes
  • throwing out anything remotely “fattening” on a Sunday to start yet another diet on Monday – only to buy it all back again by the end of the week
  • or worse still, binging on all the stuff you love all weekend because “the diet starts on Monday!”.

Like many of you I was trapped in the vicious circle of yoyo dieting. I’ve tried Jenny Craig, Weightwatchers, the Cabbage Soup diet (flatulence overload!) probably every single shake in existence,and every kind of diet pill I could find. I’ve lost 43 kilos and felt fantastic – only to see it creep back on with interest. A few years later I lost 60 kilos. Awesome, I’ve nailed it! But no, the same thing happened. I regained all that weight and more.

Finally I’d had enough. I quit dieting, threw out the scales, and started working on my mindset. And THAT is when I let go of the weight for good, saying goodbye to 78 kilos back in 2015.

Today I help women just like you deal with what’s going on upstairs. The stuff that stops you from doing all the things you know you SHOULD do, but don’t ACTUALLY do

weightloss accountability coach
online weight loss accountability coach

Your Story

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing your story may be similar to mine:

  • you’re an overgiver, constantly putting the needs of others before your own
  • you’re a people pleaser, and just can’t say no – so you’re forever feeling overstretched and undervalued
  • you’re fed up with the continual merry go round of weight off/weight back on
  • you feel like a failure because you’ve tried everything and nothing works for you. So it must be you, right? Newsflash – it’s not!
  • you have a disordered relationship with food, and don’t want it to be running your life any more

There’s so much guilt and shame attached to our bodies, regardless of our size. And so much guilt and shame attached to food. We even label it “good” or “bad”. But guess what – food is neutral, not moral!

If you’re done beating yourself up and you’re ready to heal your relationship with food – I’m here to help.

Thank you Suzanne for being there every step of the way, for all the amazing videos, for the one-on-one support, for being patient, understanding, and always willing to listen. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate the empathy and honesty you bring to all your work. Antonia

How I’m different

I’m a weight loss accountability coach with a difference – I don’t care what you eat, I care how you feel.

I’m not here to fix you because you’re not broken. I’m here to help you FEEL in order to heal.

Here is a visual depiction of my work.


We can work on our habits, using willpower to force change – and yes we’ll get outer transformation – for a while.

We can work on our mindset, incorporating journaling and meditation into our daily lives.

We’ll get inner transformation – but on the outside we’re just the same.

We can avoid the void and continue to use food as a distraction, as a means of numbing ourselves, as something to shame ourselves with – and nothing will change.

Working on our mindset, our habits, and the ability to sit in the void and examine what’s going on for us – THIS is the work, and this is where lasting transformation occurs.

If you’d like to find out more about working with me head to my Work With Me page, or sign up for my free MASTERCLASS.

Client Feedback

Over a year ago I was searching for a new place to belong. After some upheaval in my life I needed a new comfort zone with like minded women. I found Suzanne’s Facebook page and loved the vibe, then did some mini courses and realised I’d found my next coach.Joining the WhyW8 group has given me a support network with generations of real life experiences to learn from. The women in the group are from all over the world and walks of life. I have know idea how much weight any of them have lost or what their goal weight is – we don’t talk about it, the dreaded weigh in is not a thing. “–Kari”

Professional Biography

Suzanne Culberg is an international mindset coach who transforms bodies and minds. Suzanne is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and holds a Bachelor of Medical Science(Honours).

Suzanne also has Certificates III and IV in Fitness,and is a Certified Sacred Depths Practitioner, and has peronally experienced her own incredible body transformation.

Suzanne lives in Sydney with her husband and two young children, who keep her both busy and entertained. Suzanne is an avid reader and loves diamond dot painting, burlesque dancing, and yoga.

If you would like to book Suzanne as a speaker for your next event please contact her to check availability.

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