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Thoughts on conditional like

“What if they don’t like me anymore if I….” If I say ‘No’ to that request they won’t like me anymore. If I say how I really feel I will be left out of the group. Judged. Abandoned. Ostracised. Where do I fit in? What’s my purpose? Who am I outside of my role as a...

Pivotal Moments

I often get asked what was my moment, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the light bulb, the switch. Whatever you call it, that moment we are all waiting for, the time to finally take charge!   The truth is there were too many to count. So many times where I felt...

Consider or Enter

"We can only consider things so long.  After a while, all the information - all the options and opinions - will begin to weigh us down" - Mark Nepo I read this quote this morning and it really resonates with me. So often we feel we don't know enough. "I just need more...

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