Why planning an ‘ideal day’ is BS

Many of us try to schedule our time better, we have busy lives, busy calendars and we know we need some structure in order to get shit done.

Enter the ‘ideal day exercise’ – which sounds great in theory, but for many of us is just another tool we beat ourselves with for not doing ‘perfectly.’ 

Highlights from today’s episode include…

* Why ‘ideal days’ are BS and make Suze think of Yoga Grinch – https://youtu.be/HsvyjePPFRs 

* How to stop the self flagellation and ‘why can’t I get my shit together?’ thoughts and instead get real about your capacity. 

* A discussion of Failure having NOTHING to do with your worth as a person.

* The extremist / all or nothing archetype. 

* Buying shit you don’t need at Kmart (yes US folks we still have Kmart here in Aus) versus scheduling time for things that fill your cup – like gardening in Kristan’s case. 

* Getting support to make lasting changes versus going it alone. 

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