Become UnapologeticallyYOU

Transform shame and believe you are enough

Do you ever feel that you’re simply not good enough?

Self doubt has you playing it safe

If you try you might fail.  So it’s often easier to quit on yourself before you even try.

What would it be like to...

Being unapologetically you does not mean that you never have doubts, or down moments, or insecurities. It means feeling those things and taking action anyway.

Imagine living your life from a place of ‘let’s give it a go and find out?’ rather than a place of ‘will they like me?’ or ‘am I good enough?

My dream for everyone I connect with is to know that you are enough exactly as you are.

Hi! I’m Suzanne, The Nope Coach

...and as my shirt will attest to, I do indeed give zero fox. 🦊

But I haven’t always been the confident, boundary-setting bad-ass that I am today.

Ever since I was a kid, I always did what others needed or expected of me.

I said ‘yes’ to their requests, tried to adopt their standards of beauty, and strived to achieve their ideas of success.

One day I realised I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I was constantly in survival mode, my body and mind worn to shreds.

That was the first day I said “NOPE!” ❌

Now I’m on a mission to make speaking your truth and setting healthy boundaries normal and celebrated.

Self first isn’t selfish.

It’s time to reclaim the unapologetic bad-ass you long to be!

A few things you should know about me:

We could be a good fit to work together if you're…

Tired of trying to hate yourself happy

You can’t try to be happy by doing all the things you loathe and then expect to live a life you love. You’re ready to stop hiding and open up about your experiences of shame so you can disempower your tormenting self-talk and create a space where you truly belong.

Election Debate 7 Streamline Icon:

Ready to be honest about the actions you’re taking

If you say you “really want to do this” but then you don’t make time for our calls, turn up late, cancel last minute, or don’t do any work between sessions, you won’t get results. I know life gets in the way, but transformation will always take consistent and persistent action. You can say you “want to change” a hundred million times but it still won’t happen until you make it so.

Done some personal development work before

You are open to meditation, journaling, and other mindset work. You’re willing to confront realisations that make you curse and cry, face your own inner BS. You want me to ask you hard questions you may not want to answer.

In it for the long game

You breathe a sigh of relief when I say that, with consistent action, you will see sustainable long-lasting results in 1-3 years (not 1-3 months).

We might love each other a lot if you….

Are shy and often feel overwhelmed by groups and in-person meet-ups. I know what it’s like to be overlooked in a group and so I love to help people like me come out of their shells and feel safe to speak up. Intuitive introverts unite!

Are fascinated by conversations about what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes, and are not easily fooled by the ‘highlight reel’ so many people project. True transformation only happens when we start taking off the stage makeup and the masks.

Prefer being comfortable over ‘looking good’ so you love how zoom calls hide that you’re often wearing PJ pants and fuzzy bunny slippers - no need to hide the PJs in my world, wear them proud!

Are open to ‘woo’ adjacent things and beginning to explore your spiritual side. Magic happens when we dare to ask what else is possible, even when we can’t explain why it works.

Are a big fantasy nerd and love discussing muggles, The Witcher, The Force and GOT. Your imagination is a powerful force for change. It is time to be the hero of your own story and rescue yourself.

Ways to connect and work with me include:

Free Newsletter

For weekly(ish) inspiration and encouragement to be unapologetically you, join my free email newsletter.

Podcast - The Nope Coach

Tune in for bite sized chunks of wisdom and relatable chat! Perfect for the drive to work, morning walk or that 10 minutes of ‘me’ time. Easy to digest and may just change your perspective for the whole day.

Self Study Course - Building Boundaries Bundle

This walks you through exactly what a boundary is, and how to set and uphold your own boundaries. You’ll also become more comfortable putting yourself first, and overcome your fears of hurting others.

1:1 Coaching

My coaching style is all about  giving you the individual focused attention you deserve, pinpointing exactly what you can work on with laser focus, and  accountability.  It’s about creating baby steps that you will be consistent with so you can achieve sustainable results!  It doesn’t have to be boring either, saying NOPE can be hella fun.

Personalised Intuitive Reading

I tune in and record an audio message for you of whatever comes up. Usually, these messages are around 20 minutes and you’ll be sent the recording to keep, and many clients listen to their reading repeatedly. It’s a fun way to get an outside perspective on your stuck points so that you can take action right away.