Hello! My name is Suzanne Culberg

… and as you can see, my website is currently under reconstruction. 

I was going to have a very boring ‘Coming Soon’ page but I’m nothing if not eccentric so here is my version.

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I help over-givers and people pleasers say "No" without feeling like a bitch

So if that’s you, while you’re waiting for the new amazing website to come, I invite you to join my newsletter.  I tend to email once a week. It’s unique content and it’s stuff that I don’t share on Facebook or Instagram.

A little bit about me...

I’m a swear-y fairy, straight talking Aussie. I’m also a Mum of two and I always wear ridiculous T-shirts.

So while you're waiting for the website to come, I invite you to join my list. Come join the party. I promise I won't send too many things. I'd love to see you there x

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