Become Boundaried AF

It’s always the right time to take care of you

You Always Go ‘All-In’

But—hey—all the important YOU stuff is in brackets, pushed off to the side.


Next month.


The next plan, the next program, the next coach, the next self-help book: that’ll be the silver bullet that finally hits the target.

All this leaves you—it’d leave anyone—exhausted, depleted, and frustrated.


Because 99% of the time when you’re saying yes to other people, you really want to scream NOPE and get some precious ‘me’ time.

But…maybe you’re scared to disappoint them and, honestly, how do you even say no without feeling like a total bitch?

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Ever since I was a kid, I always did what others needed or expected of me.
I said ‘yes’ to their requests, their ideas of beauty, their ideas of success.

One day I looked up and realised I didn’t know who I was anymore.
I was constantly in survival mode, my body and mind worn to shreds.
That was the first day I said “NOPE!”

It took a lot (I mean a fuckton) of hard work to find myself again.
It took a lot of NOPEs: some scary as hell, others joyous beyond belief.

After I got my life back into my own hands, I studied, got certified, and became a Nope Coach for others.

I’m Suzanne Culberg and I’m on a mission to make boundaries normal and celebrated.

We should be saying NOPE more often.

Introducing Why W8?

Program Dates: Coming Soon

A 8-week online group program for over-doers who are ready to become intentional action-takers.

So why wait? There’s no time like right now.

Small Steps,
Big Wins

Big drastic changes lead to big massive disappointments. Why W8? is all about small steps that lead to life-long change.


This is your journey, not mine. My job is to show you the path. You have to be the one who walks it. But don’t worry, you'll never walk alone.


Strip off the roles you wear in the world and work on YOU in a safe group environment. We’re better together, always.

Massive Overhauls Aren’t The Answer

We’ve all been there before…many times.

Stuffing your pantry with items you don’t really like because they’re ‘superfoods.’
Making a 10-item goal list and telling yourself you’ll have it all done in two weeks.
Joining a boot camp or retreat to finally get your shit together…maybe?

Here’s the annoying truth: there is no quick fix to taking care of yourself and feeling better.

That bubble definitely needed to be burst.

Massive overhauls are usually a direct line to disappointment.
In Why W8?, you’ll learn how even the smallest of actions leads to lasting changes, but no changes can be made without badass boundaries.

cyan icon of live sign

Live Non-Boring Teaching

A balance of teaching, coaching, and discussion, all designed to help you take back control over your life.

cyan icon of paper with checklist

Small (actually completable) Tasks

No more unattainable goals. You’ll learn the art of setting small tasks to get you to a big win.

cyan icon of flag that says go

A Little Bit of Butt-Kicking

This isn’t a boot camp, but it isn’t a party either. We’re all here to do the work. So let’s fucking go.

Get The Shit Done You Want To Get Done

We are, at all times, both totally brilliant and a total mess.

What we most need is a compass, a set of practices, to help us navigate the ever-changing emotional landscape of that big messy thing we call ‘life.’

Let Why W8? be your opportunity to generate the self-compassion and self-awareness you need in order to heal. As your coach, I’ll be a customised-to-your-needs cocktail of empathy, zero-excuses butt-kicking, and humour.

turquoise icon of 3 people with fireworks above them

Group Coaching

Is your style to just listen? Group coaching. Do you learn best from others? Group coaching again. Want regular easy access to me? You got it.

turquoise icon of pen writing on paper

Guided Journaling

The real work happens outside of the live sessions. Guided journaling will help you reflect, plan your actions, and track your progress.

turquoise icon of a stop sign with a hand as the symbol

A Little Bit of Butt-Kicking

Repeatable, small tasks build momentum, see? I will encourage you, every day, to go out there and say NOPE.

You’re Not Alone, Promise

Here’s the thing—doing ‘the work’ alone isn’t gonna get you anywhere.

Momentum happens in a community, a community where you can actually be yourself and stop pretending to be perfect all the time.

It takes a village to remind us all that we’re doing better than we think we are.
We can all encourage and support each other.

Meet and connect with others who are working on their NOPE powers.
People who struggle with boundaries with themselves and with their families.
People who have also spent a long time with the heavy weight of negative self-talk.

You already have the capacity and ability.
Why W8? gives you the space and the community.

yellow icon of a lock

Private Community

This is your safe place to be vulnerable, share your everyday stories, and get a ton of compassion in return.

yellow icon of a hand holding a heart

Whole-Hearted Empathy

What does this mean? It means we see you. We’re here for the ups and the downs. No toxic positivity here.

yellow icon of a speech bubble with a heart in it

A Little Bit of Butt-Kicking

Yeah, third time’s a charm, but this time you get to do the butt-kicking. You’re all in this together.

“My Why W8? community has given me a place to belong and the strength to face up to some of the mental clutter that I’ve been trying to deal with on my own for years.”
Kari O'Brien
Why W8? Participant

Why Wait?

There’s No Time Like Right-Fricking-Now

Why W8? is your sacred space to be selfish.
You have total permission to be unapologetically you.
To belong, not fit in.

This is your invitation to say yes to yourself.

This is your chance to take charge of the change.

Why W8?

8-week Program

  • Live interactive group coaching calls
  • Always-on supportive community
  • Guided journaling for active reflection
  • 8 actually completable modules
  • Led by a certified, experienced coach

Program Dates: Coming Soon

Become boundaried AF.

I’m Suzanne Culberg

I used to wish I had a place where I felt seen, validated, and valued. For over three decades, I struggled with my weight and chronic over-giving to others. Lacking a supportive community, I buried myself in body-shaming diet culture, expensive boot camps, and heaps of negative self-talk.

I knew there had to be a better way.
With consistent diligent mindfulness practices, I was finally able to accept that not every single day is 100% the same.

Our capacity and focus change all the time.
Being in flow with these changes and having the tools to help be present to whatever shows up is what ‘the work’ truly is.

I overcame my negative patterns of behaviour (and shed major kilos while I was at it) and realised I wanted to help others find the same self-love transformation.

Bringing my Bachelor of Medical Science knowledge, Fitness Trainer dedication, and Coaching Certification empathy together I created Why W8?, my 8-week signature program.
I’ve been coaching for years now and never get tired of the transformations I get to witness.

One participant said:

“Why W8? gave me the feeling of CONFIDENCE that I could begin this journey and, importantly, that I can continue this journey. I’m getting results.

It's made me feel seen, validated, heard, and valued and I credit a lot of the change I've experienced to the little habits and learning to show grace and kindness and boundaries towards myself.”
Margaret Charlton

So…why wait?

Small Steps Toward Whole-Hearted Acceptance

What will you learn and do inside Why W8?

Lemme tell you what, it’s good shit.

Seasons of Change

Forget the linear model of exhaustive productivity and forced results. Preserve precious energy by noticing and embracing your own cycles.

Resistance Archetypes

We all need different motivations to get things done. Overcome resistance and figure out what works for you.


The compound effect of small actions cannot be denied. Forget the massive overhaul boot camp lifestyle. This is about small steps for big-ass changes.


Over-doing, over-consuming, over-working, and over-giving all come from a lack of boundaries. Learn how to say ‘nope’ without feeling like a bitch.

Self-care vs. Shadow Comforts

What actually makes you feel better in the long run, not right this minute? Discover your self-care and shine a light on your shadow comfort habits.

Creating New Beliefs

Affirmations are like spraying turds with glitter. Creating new beliefs is about clearing out what doesn’t serve first and THEN installing the new.

Processing Emotions

You’re not broken. You’re living. And living is really fricking hard sometimes. Feel to heal, not to fix yourself.

Energy Growth

You have three currencies to work with: time, money, and energy. Energy is your capacity, your ‘I give a fuck’ budget. Get what is stagnant and stuck in your life moving again.


Asking for a high-five isn’t selfish or bragging. It’s time we re-embrace what feels good. Without good times, everything will always feel like shit.

Review, Evaluating, and Secondary Gain

What is the benefit of staying as you are and not changing? What have you shifted over the 8-week program? Where do you want to go from here? No work is complete without reflection.

Why W8? Is For You If…

You are aware that, sometimes, you go overboard to fill the void or numb your feelings

You recognise that you draw comfort from habits that don't serve you. You indulge in excess (eating, alcohol, shopping, scrolling, binging Netflix) in order to self-soothe, but you haven’t stopped to ask yourself what you have to keep soothing from?

You’re tired of trying to hate yourself healthy

You can’t try to be healthy by doing all the things you loathe and then expect to live a life you love. You're ready to stop hiding and open up about your experiences of shame so you can disempower your tormenting self-talk and create a space where you truly belong.

You’ve done some personal development work before

You are open to meditation, journaling, and other mindset work. You’re willing to confront realisations that make you curse and cry, face your own inner BS, and be guided to dig your way out of your emotional prison with a rock hammer. You want me to ask you hard questions you may not want to answer, and dig for you where you can’t on your own.

You’re in it for the long game

Do you breathe a sigh of relief when I say that, with consistent action, you will see sustainable long-lasting results in 1-3 years (not 1-3 months)? And that consistent action DOES NOT involve me yelling ‘go hard or go home’ at you? Instead, it’s about creating baby steps that you will stick to! And it doesn’t have to be boring either, saying NOPE can be hella fun.

You’re honest about the actions you’re taking

If you say you “really want to do this” but then you don’t make time for our calls, turn up late, cancel last minute, or don’t do any work between sessions, you won't get results. I know life gets in the way, but transformation will always take consistent and persistent action. You can say you “want to change” a hundred million times but it still won’t happen until you make it so.

I’ve got a special place in my heart for you if you…

Are shy and often feel overwhelmed by groups and in-person meet-ups. I know what it’s like to be overlooked in a group and so I love to help people like me come out of their shells and feel safe to speak up. Intuitive introverts unite!

Are fascinated by conversations about what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes, and are not easily fooled by the ‘highlight reel’ so many people project. True transformation only happens when we start taking off the stage makeup and the masks.

Prefer being comfortable over ‘looking good’ so you love how zoom calls hide that you’re often wearing PJ pants and fuzzy bunny slippers - no need to hide the PJs in my world, wear them proud!

Are open to ‘woo’ adjacent things and beginning to explore your spiritual side. Magic happens when we dare to ask what else is possible, even when we can’t explain why it works.

Are a big fantasy nerd and love discussing muggles, The Witcher, The Force and GOT. Your imagination is a powerful force for change. It is time to be the hero of your own story and rescue yourself.

“When I look in the mirror I feel gratitude, admiration, affection, and belonging.”
A. A.
Why W8? Participant
“Suze provided the tools to overcome my resistance and prior obstacles with love, humor, no bullshit, sweet (and yes) salty talk. I’m curious, confident, not sobbing, less ashamed. Suze is the only person I have encountered who is leading this work by doing it.”
M. R.
Why W8? Participant

Become boundaried AF

It’s always the right time to take care of you.

Program Dates: Coming Soon

Frequently Uttered Questions


The Modules and the Group coaching calls are recorded.

The replays are available in the course platform for the duration of the program.

The journaling calls are not recorded.

Why W8? is not a ‘go hard or go home’ program!
This is an interactive learning experience, and you have complete permission (and encouragement) to go at your own pace!

Whilst I can’t guarantee results, I can tell you that I am hyper focused on you making sustainable changes, and if you commit to implementing the small steps and bringing your results to the group, together we can unpack what is going on for you.

The more you show up, be real and vulnerable and supportive of each other, the more we grow as a group together.

The results you will get from this program are totally up to you.

If you truly desire this change, and you would like my support and help, I encourage you to make the decision and join now.

There is a reason it’s called Why W8?
The name says it all.

If you’re looking for a reason to wait, you’re always going to find one.

My question to you is what are you waiting for? What is going to be different 3 months from now?

My guess is not much. 3 months from now you will be thinking the exact same things you are now, and will likely put it off for another round.

Change is rarely ever convenient.

There is always going to be hesitancy. Is now the right time? Can I really do this? What is going to be different this time? And so on and so forth.

Your time is now.

Why W8? Is a mindset program like no other. We are here to connect and support each other regardless of what else is going on. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There never is going to be a right time.

Almost every client who works with me says their only regret is not joining sooner!

The overarching premise of Why W8? is ‘you do you.’

There is no requirement to keep up, we all go at our own pace.

All content and group coaching calls are recorded and available for you to watch and re-watch for the duration of the program.

Take the time you need, to make the changes you desire.

I don’t believe in failure, only feedback.

When we turn our setbacks into lessons, they become wins.

If you approach this work with a growth mindset and a willingness to grow there will always be lessons.

All you will need is a good old fashioned pen and paper, a decent internet connection and the ability to access Zoom.

Why W8? is delivered via a platform called thrive cart.

When you sign up you will receive an email with log in instructions.

You will receive a second email with the course schedule and Zoom link for the live calls. 

I encourage you to go at your own pace, so how much time you dedicate is up to you.
That said, I recommend for the full benefit of this program you commit to

  • One hour per week to attend / watch the module
  • One hour per week to attend / watch the group coaching call
  • 15 minutes per day to take action / implement what you learn

Of course.  One of the most fun aspects of Why W8?is learning from our global community.

If you’re on the fence about joining Why W8? and want to talk through:

  • How exactly does the program work?
  • What if I can’t be on the calls?
  • I’m not sure this will work for me.
  • I’ve never made a big investment in myself before.
  • I want to do it but am not sure about the group setting.
  • I’m nervous about joining.

All totally normal questions – let’s get them answered for you!

You can book a call here

Don’t worry I will not convince you or hard sell you.  I will simply answer your questions and help you make the decision that feels right for you.

If group’s aren’t for you and you’d like to discuss 1:1 coaching, please complete the application form and I’ll get back to you. 

Fill in the application form now 

Can’t find the answer you need?

Want to chat with me before signing up?

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