Work with me

Discover how to get into a weight loss mindset 

I believe there are three levels to change:

  • Information
  • Transformation 
  • Integration

I cater to all three with my work and here’s how.


My newsletters, Facebook and blog posts, Masterclass  etc are all great sources of information for you to learn and become aware of what you would like to change so that you can open to ways that will work for you. This is the DIY level, getting into a weight loss mindset by yourself.


My group coaching program Why W8?

Learning through topics. Participants move through the content as provided with a pre-set curriculum, delving into weight loss mindset as part of a group.

The onus is on you to make the time for the calls and the material. You are responsible for you. If you don’t turn up and engage in the group – whether it’s calls or making use of the content – I won’t be following you up as I trust that you will get onto the content and the call replays when you can.

Ability to speak and connect with me during the group coaching calls.

The times are set for the group – when the content is released and when the coaching is taking place.
The transformation happens when participants engage with the content, report back to the group, ask questions and engage in group coaching calls.
The Why W8? Program is delivered within a community – where you can share your experiences and build connections with other participants on a similar journey.


“Suzanne is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to weight loss and changing your mindset for positive results. I have learnt so much during my time working with her and being in the Facebook group, it’s such an inclusive, non judgemental community of women. If you are looking for long term change around releasing weight and altering your frame of mind around food I can’t recommend Suzanne or the group highly enough.” Laura Vincent



1:1 Coaching
Choose your own times and if you don’t turn up – I will follow you up, The difference is you’re missing an appointment – clients often view a 1:1 session as an appointment not to be missed, in comparison with a group time, that could be seen as flexible “I’ll catch the replay”.

1:1 coaching is a co-creation experience. It’s highly personalised, as opposed to being a member of the group.

It’s tailored to exactly what’s going on for you – the content is completely customised depending on what you need at the time to get you through

There is also access to Voxer (voice) & Messaging support between sessions, to cover anything that comes up between sessions and can’t wait for our next session.


Deeper level – energy healings focused purely on you 

Some thoughts and experiences might be more comfortable to share on 1:1 basis rather than in a group.

Ability to engage in different techniques – hypnosis & NLP on the calls, customised to your underlying belief systems that are preventing you from moving forward.

1:1 coaching blends information, integration and transformation – in a customised and bespoke experience that meets you where you are at and steps you through what you need and when you need it.

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