The #1 Reason Why All Your Past Attempts At Weight Loss Have Failed:
A long letter to those serious about sustainable weight loss (regardless of what diet or approach you choose).


How do you change your mindset to lose weight?

Introducing My 10 week Group Coaching Program ‘Why W8?’

Beginning 24 January 2022
Ends 3rd April 2022

Dear Friend,
If you’re reading this letter then you have tried, and failed, to lose weight.
A lot of times.
Like… really a lot.
But why? Why do those programs work for others but not for you?

I’ll get to that soon.

I’m writing this letter to invite you to join my group coaching program, Why W8?
This isn’t your usual sales pitch.
There are no before and after photos.
No claims of how many kilos / pounds I’ve helped people lose.
And no song and dance about the secret 8 step process I have created for weight loss.
Because I call BS on all that!
This also isn’t a short note because I have a lot to say. If you don’t want to take the time to read this, please don’t skip to the end and sign up for my program. Lasting weight loss is a process, and it takes time. If you’re still in the get-it-done-quick mindset, I can tell you right now I am not the coach for you.

So if you’re ready to take a peek at the deep work I invite you to grab a cuppa, relax on the couch, and give yourself time to really drink this all in.

My Story

Contrary to the advice I’ve gotten from every business coach I’ve had, I’m going to start this by talking about myself.  

Because I think you might see yourself in my story.

The reason I am so passionate about weight loss is because of my own journey.  From my first diet at aged 4, I’ve lost and regained in excess of 500 kilograms in my life.  I was a yo-yo dieting addict and it was taking its toll on me.

In 2015 I was bigger than I had ever been before, I weighed in at 150kg (330 pounds), I felt exhausted, both physically and mentally. I was tired of diets that I couldn’t stick to and gizmos and gadgets that I spent money on but never truly worked. I knew there had to be another way to reach a healthy weight. But I didn’t know how.

I was overwhelmed and I felt truly alone, like no one else understood me or what I was going through. It was like I was at the bottom of a giant mountain, and no matter how hard I had tried to climb, I could never quite reach the top and see the view I knew was waiting there, instead I would stumble and fall spectacularly to the base all over again.

Now in 2021, at the top of the mountain, the view is sensational, and the journey was challenging, but it was totally worth it. 

I’ve created this program to be what I had wished I had on my 78 kilogram weight release journey.

Meet Suzanne culberg weight loss and mindset coach

My Take: Why Diets Don’t Work

I struggled with my weight for years *coughs* decades.  I felt like I had tried every plan there was.

Seriously, it was like a graveyard of all these diet plans that didn’t work for me.

To add insult to injury for everything I tried and failed at, there was someone I knew who it HAD worked for.

So this made me feel even worse about myself.  What was wrong with me?  Why did it work for her and not for me?

Here are some of the plans I had tried (by no means an exhaustive list):

Weight Watchers (many, many, many times)

Tony Ferguson

Herbal Life

Body Trim

CSIRO diet

Atkins Diet

Dukan diet

Heart foundation guidelines

More diets clipped from magazine articles then I care to admit to

  • Paleo
  • Meal Planning
  • Fasting
  • Slow Carb
  • No Carb
  • Celebrity slim
  • Juice plus
  • Hcg protocol
  • Gym prescribed diets
  • Fat camp (ok it was called a wellness retreat, but seriously it was fat camp)

Every time I tried and failed I felt constantly worse and worse about myself because none of these things that worked for everyone else seemed to work for me.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone, and let me reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you.  Seriously, if you take nothing else from me, take this: there is nothing wrong with you!

So, if nothing’s wrong with you, why don’t these plans work? Here’s why…

The reason that none of the plans work in the long term is because…

you keep falling off the wagon, and the reason for that is because you haven’t yet done the inner work.

The plans don’t teach you what to do when you invariably go off plan.

And we all go off plan sometimes.

Which is why I created the Why W8 program.  Because we don’t need to be told what to eat or how to exercise. We know that already.  So what do we need? 


The Three Core Elements Of My Approach To Weight Loss

What we do need is support and guidance to learn to do three things.

  1. learn to listen to our body
  2. change our beliefs about our body
  3. reconnect to our deepest desire.

Why W8? is NOT another diet or exercise plan.  For lasting weight release the plan doesn’t matter.

Let me repeat that: For lasting weight release the plan doesn’t matter.

Read that one more time.

Because NO plan is infallible, in the hustle and bustle of REAL life, no plan accounts for every conceivable circumstance, for when you’re tired, or the unexpected happens, or its Easter or Christmas, and so on and so forth.

What matters is the inner work to build your own skills.

Do you have the skills to make good decisions in the moment?  To see food and not eat it?  To tune into your body and feel what it actually needs?

If not? That’s why I’ve created Why W8?

Because often we haven’t yet built these skills and so we have a lifetime of programming to undo, and these skills are habits that we can build together.

What Is Why W8?

Why W8? Is a 10 week group coaching experience, and each round of ten weeks is considered a cycle.

Once you’ve completed a cycle you may feel called to join in again and take your learnings to the next level.  Or you may feel complete.  The journey is truly your own, and I aim to guide your journey as best as I am able.

The Eight Main Things You Get From This Program

#1: 8 Content Modules delivered via FB live – which are going to teach you the foundational skills for lasting weight loss.

#2: Live Support: 8 Group Coaching calls via Zoom – to help you overcome speed-bumps, and create sustainability.

#3: Weekly group journaling sessions.

#4: Interactive private FB community – of like-minded women to be both your support team and your cheer squad.

#5: Scavenger hunt, an interactive game to help you stay in the room and taking action.

#6: Dedicated thread to share your insights, a powerful way to learn from others’ breakthroughs.

#7 Prizes – if like me you’re motivated by prizes this is a big draw card!

#8 Meditation library – A series of pre-recorded meditations are made available throughout the program.

This program is your safety net so that when you go and eat take away food you’ve got somewhere to go and have a conversation about what triggered it AND what skill it is that you actually need to be working on here.

A place where you can own “I ate Mcdonalds” and rather than using that as an excuse to throw in the towel and trigger a binge-fest, OR flog yourself at the gym to try and ‘make up for it’ you can instead:

  • create and foster the healthy skills of getting curious about your behaviour and tuning in to your body
  • Ask yourself or be asked, “What were you trying to connect with in the moment? What was it that was missing for you that you tried to fill that giant void with food?” by people who get it.
  • Go beyond the surface excuse of “I was tired and busy,” too being asked, “why were you tired? And what’s really going on?” without any judgment.

There are so many reasons to unpack what happened, and the sooner you can do it, the less likely it is to become an out of control spiral.

What this program is not:

I just want to highlight that this is not a ‘go hard or go home’ and see how much weight you can drop type program!

Anyone can force their body to drop weight, BUT you can’t force it to stay off!

Let me repeat that one too: Anyone can force their body to drop weight, but you can’t force. it. to. stay. off.

This is an interactive learning experience, and you have complete permission (and encouragement) to go at your own pace.

We have a strong community vibe, so I encourage you to contribute by offering your own experiences, insights and a-ha moments with each other as generously and as often as you can.

The more you show up, be real and vulnerable and supportive of each other, the more we grow as a group together.

However please understand that this is not a “done-for-you” program, this isn’t like walking into a shop and paying someone to remove all your fat for you (that’s called liposuction – and although that may seem easier, while they can suck away your fat, they cannot suck away the negative thoughts you have about your body).

The results you will get from this program are totally up to you.

If you truly desire this change, and you would like my support and help, I encourage you to make the decision and join now.

One thing to note, this is a group coaching program, this is NOT group therapy.  Coaching is designed to take you from where you are now to where you desire to go.

Have some questions? Head over to my FUQs (Frequently Uttered Questions) page.


The Why W8? Program is likely for you if you:

  • Are done with the quick fix Let’s face it – while meeting a weight-loss wizard with a magic wand would be absolutely awesome, you know that’s just never going to happen. The only way you are ever going to have the life you want is if you start living it, one mouthful, one movement, one moment at a time. What you’re really looking for is someone who will stick with you and support you while you transform yourself, because I totally believe that you have all the power you need inside you.
  • Know you draw comfort from overeating. You recognise that this behaviour needs to stop.  Yet feel daunted at the idea of stopping and know you need support that you may not even be able to articulate yet.
  • Want to give up dieting, but are scared that if you do so you will end up even bigger than ever.  You need support from both someone who has been where you are and others who are going through the process.
  • Are tech savvy enough to handle Zoom and Facebook. I’m totally on board with helping you troubleshoot your life, your emotions and your habits. Just trust me when I say you don’t want me trying to sort out your technology too.


The Why W8? Program is likely NOT a fit for you if:

  • You’re not truly honest about the actions you’re taking If you say you “really want to do this” but then you don’t make time for the calls or don’t do any work between sessions – you won’t get results. I will always hold a judgment free zone, but when you lie to me you’re only fooling yourself.  I know life gets in the way, but transformation will always take consistent and persistent action. . You can say you “want to change” a hundred million times but it still won’t happen until you make it so. 
  • You’re not prepared to deal with set-backs. There will be times full of delight and joy, skipping through fields of flowers and marvelling at the view from the mountain top, but there will also be times when you feel like you’re trudging through endless swamps of mud and quicksand. It is all part of the journey. Keeping going even when it is hard is what builds the strength you need to reach your goal.
  • You’re not ready to become self-accountable. At the end of the day, there’s no passive eating (like there is passive smoking).  You put the food in your mouth, and it’s time to stop blaming hubby because he brought home the chocolate, or your kids school for their fundraiser.  It is tough, but oh so liberating to recognise that you have control over your own choices.
  • You need a punching bag. If you want someone to blame because you are not getting results then that’s not me.  I know this work is hard – I was super morbidly obese myself for the better part of three decades.  But I also know there is a sustainable, effective way out, if you do the work.  I will be your support person, your confidante, your cheerleader and when needed I can be tough on you, in an empathetic way!  But I will not be your virtual punching bag or validate your excuses.

Your Investment

$AU 1200

Your choice of Pay in Full or 3 x monthly payments of $400


What will this program be like?  Let me paint the picture for you:


You wake up on Monday morning and grab your phone, telling yourself you will get out of bed and go for that walk just as soon as you check FB.

You see a notification from a fellow Why W8? Program participant with a picture from their morning walk.

There’s a post from another with a funny meme about making excuses to throw in the towel.

You feel like they’re peeking in your window!

You drag yourself out of bed popping in a quick post saying that you’re grabbing your shoes and heading out the door, and a bunch of ‘you’ve got this’ GIFS and ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ comments appear.

A smile crossed your face and you notice an unfamiliar feeling, that you’re not alone.  There are people who support you and celebrate you on the other end of your device and you can tap into that energy any time day or night.

You pop your ear buds in and head out the door on your walk, listening to the replay of the latest module or group coaching call.  You call this your NET time, as in ‘No Extra Time’ as you can learn as you walk, and literally kill two birds with one stone.

When you get back from your walk you quickly pop into the group and share a pic of the beautiful sunrise, knowing you’ll get ‘oohhs and ahhhs’ from the other participants who love that you share pics of where you live and it reignites your appreciation of where you live.  You didn’t realise the beauty in your own backyard until you started to share it with others.

You may even pop a quick comment on the insights thread, as something you heard on the replay really resonated with you and you want to discuss it further with the others.

You turn off your phone and start your week as you always hoped you would, taking small actions toward your weight goals, and knowing when the triggers and challenges arise you have a group of like minded women who have your back and remind you to keep taking one step at a time.

Why Sign up now?

If this feels like a fit here’s a couple compelling reasons to consider signing up for this round.

Reason #1: The super early bird price for January 2022 round is only $1200.

I will likely raise my prices for future rounds.  As with each iteration the program improves and evolves as my skills as a coach improve and evolve.

Reason #2: Get Access To The Alumni Rate.

Once you’ve participated in a round of Why W8? You are considered an alumni and offered a discounted rate for repeating.  Details of this rate will be provided at the end of your round.


“I want to but I can’t afford it.”

While sometimes this may be true, often, if you dig deeper what’s more true is “this isn’t a priority for me right now.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “I can’t afford to work with you” and then go and drop a thousand dollars on a personal training package or a shake diet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this myself.

The first question is, ‘is doing the inner work a priority?’

And it might not be.

I know some people who, when they get really honest with themselves realise they don’t want to do the inner work.  They just want to throw money at personal trainers or shakes or supplements so they feel as if they’re doing something.  But deep down inside they know that approach will never work.  That is their journey.

If you decide that you’re done throwing money at things that will never work, and instead are ready to do the inner work, this is a huge step.  It’s scary and exciting and I applaud you.  The next question for you is “What am I willing to invest?” and I am not just talking about money here.  There is also time and energy.  Because there is no lasting weight loss without investment.

Finally there is the very important question of whether or not this feels like the right program for you.  This program may not be the best investment of your time, energy and money.

But whether it’s my program or someone else’s getting the right help can save you years of yo-yo dieting, wasting money on things that you never use (like the treadmill that becomes an expensive clothes horse!) and time signing up for programs you never attend.

So it might help if I were to contextualise the price:

This Program is $1200 AUD for 10 weeks, which works out to $120 per week.

How much are you currently spending on take away and junk food per week?  If you were really honest with yourself?  How much does the block of chocolate here, the bottle of wine there, the take away meals, the coffee and cake you eat add up to?

Now I’m not promising that all of those behaviours are going to disappear overnight.  But I just want to highlight that it’s likely you are currently spending that amount already, you just don’t admit to it. Because currently you’re spending haphazardly a few dollars here and there which adds up overtime, and instead I am asking you to invest a bigger amount in yourself upfront.

You may even feel some fear reading this.  Like if I do this program Suze will I never get to enjoy food again?  That is not my intention.  I still love food!

I just wanted to show that $120 per week, is less than $20 per day, and most of us can find this kind of money right now if we want it badly enough, like that coffee and cake you grab each morning.

Stated in another way, my current 1:1 rate is $250 per hour.  In the Why W8? Program you get 4 group coaching calls with me per month, that’s valued at $1000 right there.  Of course not all of that coaching time will be focused on you.  But in that calculation I haven’t even included the value of the training modules or all of the support you will likely to be receiving from the other program members.

Bottom line, there is immense value in this program for those who are ready to make use of it.

Lowering your risk:

This is a considerable investment of your time, money and energy, and so if I were in your position I’d be thinking about this many times over and discussing it with my partner before I signed up.

I’ve done my best to lay it out here but I absolutely understand there may be a need to talk to me about it.  If you’d like to set up a time to have a chat on the phone just drop me an email and we can talk.

Please note, this will not be a sales call, I will not be going over the details I have already outlined here, it will be a “is this a fit?” call and I expect you to have read all the details in this letter before scheduling at time.

If this feels like a fit….

Just click on the link below to join.

Not this time….

If this round doesn’t work for you but you’d like to be put on the advance notice list for the next round click here.

Have questions?

Head to my FUQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

P.S. Investing in yourself by enrolling in this program is a bold move.  But if my point of view resonates with you and you’re ready to do the inner work I would be very surprised if this was a decision you’ll regret.

P.P.S. My work is often described as life-changing.  I make no promises about this because as with any program the results created are truly a co-creation between the facilitator and the participant.  The clients whose testimonials I have shared in this letter put in a lot of effort and it paid off.  I would love to welcome you to do the same.


Nice things people say

8 ways Why W8 transformed my life

  1. When I hang my laundry on the line, instead of ill-fitting clothes that make me feel shit about myself, 80% of my laundry is cute & comfy workout gear. As I hang each piece I smile to myself, remembering how refreshed I felt after that yoga class or how I pushed myself up that hill on that last run. The other 20% of my laundry are comfy daytime clothes that fit the size I am now, flatter my curves and express my creative personality. I didn’t need to spend heaps of money – a wonderful frugal artist friend taught me how to op shop without getting overwhelmed.
  2. When I plan my week, I schedule movement and time in nature first, then schedule the rest of my life around this. I no longer see these activities as “luxuries” or “nice-to-haves” – they are the foundation of my mental & physical health.
  3. I invite people to go for bushwalks with me instead of coffee catchups. Most people love this and our conversations tend to be more meaningful while striding along together.
  4. After one year of watching me make tiny changes in my life, without me ever pressuring or criticising him, my husband announced that he was going to start cycling again – something he hasn’t done for several years after a traumatic accident. He has also moved to a plant-based diet and stopped snacking at night.
  5. I no longer follow stupid self-imposed rules like “I have to wear shorts over leggings.” I wear what I want!
  6. I rarely indulge in “emotional shopping” anymore, after a single session with Suzanne where we applied the same strategies that I was already using to retrain my emotional eating.
  7. When I look in the mirror I feel gratitude, admiration, affection and belonging.
  8. I truly believe 100% that my friends and family adore me – it’s not some kind of trick, nor do I have to “earn” or “deserve” love and respect. I accept their genuine affection with joy and gratitude.

Bonus #:

  1. Instead of saying “sorry” for taking up space, I say “thank you.”

Oh and I also released a few kilos.

Thank you to Suzanne Culberg for being there every step of the way, for all the amazing videos, for the one-on-one support, for being patient, understanding, and always willing to listen. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate the empathy and honesty you bring to all your work.

Thank you to all of you in the group for accepting me, listening, seeing me and for all the inappropriate jokes and funny memes!


A coach is someone you need to gel with, respect and trust.  Someone who talks your language, while encouraging you to challenge yourself.

Over a year ago I was searching for a new place to belong.  After some upheaval in my life I needed a new comfort zone with like minded women.  I found Suzanne’s page and loved the vibe, then did some mini courses and realised I’d found my next coach.

Joining the WhyW8 group has given me a support network with generations of real life experiences to learn from.  The women in the group are from all over the world and walks of life.  I have know idea how much weight any of them have lost or what their goal weight is – we don’t talk about it, the dreaded weigh in is not a thing.

If you are ready to dream about your future and what it looks like, or even if you just know that you want more, have a chat with Suze, see if her no nonsense, come as you are approach is for you.  But don’t expect to be told what or how to make changes – you will be doing the work yourself.


“Suzanne is brilliant in that rather than giving you “another” diet or workout program, she gets inside your head and helps you release the blocks that stop you from sticking to your health intentions, as we all know HOW to lose weight, but…..we don’t do it.  Suzanne uses cool mindset stuff to uncover the reasons why, and to shake them.  Weight loss is a team effort, but it’s not much good if your mind isn’t on the team!”


“Zero judgement. Zero BS. Zero sausage. Max support and a staunch ‘I get you’ plus some easy, practical actions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and what you stand for and how you stand for it. Vulnerable. Real. Human. Honest. You’re in my head (if not on my zoom) on the daily and you inspire me more than I can say!”


I’d like to offer you a simple, consistent and lasting path to health (and weight loss if that’s what you choose).

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