The dieting industry is a multi billion dollar industry. So much money is literally going down the drain with people investing and not getting a return. Not only money, but all that time and energy trying to get a result, only to end up feeling even more shit about themselves. It’s heartbreaking.

What is the cost of weight loss?

  • Financial – investing in all the diets, pills, programs, coaches etc
  • Mental – trying over and over again and failing is demoralising and exhausting
  • Relationships can become strained – the exasperated roll of the eyes from your partner and familiy ‘what is she going to do now’ or ‘how long will this one last’ hurts
  • Emotional – the deep seated fear that there’s something wrong with you because despite being successful in all other areas of life you can’t get your weight sorted. Feeling not good enough and deemed unable to ‘fit in’ as you can’t meet society’s unrealistic body standards.

So with all these costs in mind you may be thinking why should anyone ever lose weight? Shouldn’t people love themselves even if they are morbidly obese? Isn’t it fat phobic to suggest anyone ever lose weight? What are the actual benefits to weight loss? What do I believe about ideal/healthy weight? Are health and weight connected at all?

Before you read further I will preface this by saying – this is MY truth. It may or may not resonate for others. It may not be accepted by the experts. I don’t make any claims here to be a nutritionist, naturopath, dietician or other scientific expert. I speak very much from my own lived experience and that of my clients.

Why lose weight? There are health benefits – for many of us not carrying excess weight reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, we tend to have more energy, and get better quality of sleep and so on.

However, weight affects more than just the physical.

What I mean by that is – if the way you lose weight is through severe deprivation, it becomes mentally and emotionally exhausting. It’s like you’ve given up one prison for another. Yes you might have less risk to your physical health, but what about your mental health?

We are whole beings, we are not just a body. We have other needs beyond the physical. So if in order to lose weight we need to compromise our mental or emotional needs, I don’t believe this works in the long term.

My 26 years of yo-yo dieting did a lot of damage to me emotionally. If I could go back to my younger self and teach her what I knew now, if I could whisper in her ear and teach her to love herself as she was while creating the woman she would become, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Losing weight is not just a number on the scales, a smaller clothes size, and a healthy glow to your skin.

It’s becoming the kind of person you truly desire to be, someone who loves and appreciates herself first and foremost. BEING the person you want to be, not thinking about it, or wishing or dreaming it, but living it.

That work starts in this moment, now, regardless of your size.

My biggest philosophy is ‘you do you’ .So if you are morbidly obese and happy GREAT!

However, are you really happy or are you just saying you are because you want to fit in with the body acceptance movement?
So many of my clients hate HAES because it gives them the depressing thought of ‘why bother?’ and they so desperately want to change.

I actually personally believe there is a vast difference between health and weight.

I am not a health coach. I don’t teach people about health. Clean eating, greens, organic, all that sort of stuff – not my forte.

I teach people how to lose weight and I don’t claim to be the healthiest at it. Sometimes I eat ice cream for breakfast! That sure isn’t healthy.

This is so hard for me to articulate. But if I had to say it abruptly AF – the vast majority of people could lose weight if they simply cut what they ate in half! Most of us eat way too much!

Would that make them healthier? Slightly. But there is a difference between changing WHAT you eat and changing HOW MUCH and WHEN you eat and that’s basically what I help people do.

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