Weight loss support – what support do you REALLY need?

Weight loss support – what does it actually MEAN?


When you’re asking for support for your weight loss journey, have an open conversation about what support actually means to you, so that you receive what you’re asking for.

When I set out to shed 80kg I asked my husband for support. I thought that was an easy statement. I knew what support meant to me, and I assumed he knew what I wanted.

Shortly after we were at the supermarket and I picked up a packet of chocolate biscuits (I have a weakness for Tim Tams) and next thing I knew my husband was slapping the packet out of my hand saying “you don’t need that”.


Well my response was to buy that packet and eat every single one.


No one tells me what to do! (Yes my ego is strong hahahaha).

When we got home I was most upset because he didn’t ‘support’ me. He was all upset saying “What do you mean I didn’t support you? I took the Tim Tams off of you!”

Right then I learnt a valuable lesson. To me support in that moment would have been a gentle and kind reminder that I am strong and I can do this, and maybe even a hug.
Whereas to him support is a slap it out of your hand ‘stop it’ interrupt!

You can use this advice in any aspect of your life.
What does support mean to you in business? Parenting? Housework?

Is it a kind gentle reminder to keep showing up and trying your best even on the tough days? Or is it a butt-kicking “get back to it”? Or can it vary depending on the day and your mood? How will the support person know what you need and when? How can you communicate with them so that your needs are being met?


Figure out what support means to you and be very specific when you ask for it!


Because people can’t meet your needs and give you support if they don’t know what it means to you xx

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