Tracking weight loss progress without a scale

Traditionally we measure our weight loss progress using the scales.


The scales show us the outcome of our efforts.

Today I want to invite you to think about alternative ways to measure success.

Now I am not talking about measurements, photographs, or body scans. Because each of these methods also measures the outcome.

I am not saying there isn’t a place for these measures, because they are all totally valid.

However, if they are the ONLY measures that you do it can become disheartening.

How so?


When we focus on the outcome it highlights the gap between where we are now and where we want to be.


Every time we stand on the scale it’s just another reminder of ‘not there yet’ and this can be disheartening.

Especially when the weight is shifting slowly, or we hit the dreaded plateau. It feels like we are putting in a LOT of effort for little or no reward and eventually we get to a place where we think “not losing weight anyway, might as well eat!” and from that place we fall off the wagon!

So what do we do instead? Set process goals!

What’s a process goal?

A process goal is an action item, a habit, that when done repeatedly will bring you the outcome goal.


Process goals are small steps that can be done throughout your day and measured.


Because what gets measured gets done!

Examples of processes include
* 8 glasses of water
* 20 minute walk
* 20 push ups
* Meditation
* In bed by 10pm

Process goals are all doable throughout your day.

I encourage my clients to track them (and I track them myself – here’s mine for April).


tracking weight loss progress without a scale


With tracking, Not only do you get to feel the satisfaction of having achieved them, but you also have a visual representation of progress.

So when the moments come where you feel self doubt, where you think to yourself “what is the point of this anyway?” You can look at your tracking and show your doubting self that you ARE making progress.

Tracking process goals will get you to your outcome faster than focusing on the scales will x

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