No that isn’t a typo!  I wasn’t misquoting a popular saying.  I was seriously considering not posting an update today, because my day has been rough.  

I like to post a daily inspiration (well at least I hope its inspiration) and today I’ve got nothing, the well is dry.

Hence my debate about whether to share with you today or not.  I decided to (obviously or you wouldn’t be reading this) and the reason I have decided to share is not to garner sympathy or have a ‘woe is me’ day, but simply to show that on the other side of weight release, life still has its ups and downs.

When I was big, I used to think all my problems would be solved if only I could lose the weight.

The thing is, releasing physical weight isn’t going to solve non-physical problems.  

This may be very obvious to everyone else, but to me this came as a surprise!

To say this last week of home learning hasn’t gone well would be an understatement.  Full disclosure: I have eaten A LOT today.  I feel a bit like a fraud at times because I coach people about mindset and weight release, and yet there are still times I look to solve my problems at the bottom of a tim tam packet.

Yes I know all the tools, and most of the time I use the tools with amazing success!  

But there are still times when no amount of tools are going to cut it.

Food may only make me feel better for an instant.  But when it comes to facing the tidal wave of ALL my emotions, I will take that instant.

What’s different now is there is no guilt or shame with my eating.  (Only the tad bit of embarrassment because I value transparency and so here I am admitting I still eat when I feel down sometimes, makes me think people might think less of me now).

But then I coach myself out of it, because I never claim to be some clean eating guru who lives on the side of a mountain and has found the cure for super obesity!  

I am human, I used to have a problem with binge eating and secret eating and burying my feelings with food.  Sometimes I slip back into old habits, but I know my way out.

So for anyone who is struggling at the moment, please know that you’re never alone, that slipping back doesn’t mean you have failed, there is a way out, and you have totally got this x



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