1.The biggest lie I see my colleagues peddling is once you’ve reached your goal weight the journey’s over. You don’t need to work at it anymore. You’re magically ‘fixed’ and won’t struggle with your weight again.

Whereas I believe reaching your goal weight is really only the beginning.

Weight is a physical representation of a largely mental and emotional problem.

Said in another way, the weight on your body only represents the physical part of your journey. Your weight is the part of the issue that can be seen, it’s the surface level.

For example if you’ve broken a bone and you see bruising on the skin, your weight is like the bruising. You still need to set the broken bone underneath. So you still need to clean up the mental and emotional issues underlying your weight gain. These are the parts that can’t be seen but still must be addressed.

2.Everyone is obsessed with ‘before and after’ stories. I am more interested in what happens after the after? What I mean by that is after you have reached your goal, what happens then? What about 6 months later?

I have personally featured in many ‘before and after’ promos for when I lost the 43kg and the 60kg. For some I did the walk of shame and asked them to take them down as I got fat again. But others are still being used and my heart hurts a little for people who buy into something that I couldn’t maintain.

The before and after stories are just a snapshot in time.

You’ll only get results for as long as you take the action.

That’s why I think 12 week challenges are bullshit, because what happens when the challenge is over? The weight is regained. Yet those photos and stories are still used to recruit a new wave of people into the program.

3.Setbacks are not failures.

If you try to lose weight and you don’t get the results you had hoped for you have two options.

Option 1 is to see it as a failure and give up. In this case you quit taking action. You feel guilt and shame for not being able to stick to it. You eat and drink ALL the things you had denied yourself. Eventually, some days, week, months or even years later you start all over again. And this is your life, same cycle different diet. Every time you start over you are literally starting again, you learn nothing.

Option 2 is you reflect on what you did and pull out what worked, what didn’t work, and how you will tweak your approach accordingly. You realise there is no failure, only feedback. You don’t beat yourself up for what didn’t work, instead you celebrate the fact that you tried and you’ve identified another way that isn’t the way for you. This is the path of Thomas Edison, who said that he didn’t fail 10000 times, but found 10000 ways that didn’t work. Your goal is iron clad, you only need to find the path to it, so every obstacle is a setback and not a failure.

You get to choose your option. If you don’t like the choices you’ve made in the past you can make a different choice in any moment.

4.Persistence & Resilience: The things you need to do in order to get results may not always be fun or comfortable. Sometimes it just takes work. And those who are successful are those who are able to keep doing what’s required, keep grinding, when the last hundred plus times they gave up. Past failures don’t have to determine future results, you can decide to keep on going in any moment.

5.Slow and steady wins the race. Before people set out on their journey, they should appreciate the genuine dangers of trying to do too much, too soon and burning themselves out.

Why do so many people who lose weight regain it? They revert to their old behaviours. They only did the actions for a short period of time so they only had the results for a short period of time.

Why is it that we do 12 week challenges? Why do we plan to do short term things when we don’t want short term results? Lasting weight loss is the long term game, it’s going to take time

Making too many changes at once is not helpful in fact it’s the fastest road to burnout and quitsville. Instead embrace the fact that it’s going to take the time it takes.

It’s going to take time to see results – are they willing to keep taking action even if they don’t notice the numbers shift on the scales for a few months? (they may even actually gain weight before they lose it as they finally release their grip on the diet mentality).

The time is going to pass anyway so what is the rush?

When we give ourselves restrictive deadlines we set ourselves up to fail ahead of time.

Instead of looking at it like I need to get to X kilos by Y date. Look at the overall picture. Look beyond the number on the scales and realise this will be a lifelong journey.

So once you reach your goal weight what then? What’s next?

Always keep asking yourself what’s next so you can see this as a holistic ongoing journey.

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