– My Manifesto

Many of us seem to live two lives simultaneously.

Firstly there is the socially acceptable life, the one we share on social media, the one that others approve of, and perhaps even secretly envy, the one where we seem to ‘have it all’.

But then there’s the second life, the one we hide, where we are burnt out from giving so much of ourselves that we over consume to numb or avoid our pain, and then we feel so guilty from this over consumption.

That over consumption can take many forms. We each have our ‘go to’.

I personally am a foodie, and my go to is over-eating. But it can branch out to many other forms of overconsumption be it facebook scrolling, apps and game playing, drinking, netflix, the list goes on.

We hide this second life.

We hide it down deep inside like a dragon hoarding treasure and, like in the fantasy novels where the dragon goes to sleep, we let that side of us sleep, so sometimes we aren’t even aware of how bad our avoidance and over consumption behaviours have become.

And we strive to bury this side and be more of the socially acceptable self.

In our minds we don’t see any form of harmony available between these two sides. We are either one or the other.
We live our lives in a cycle of trying to be something we’re not and then berating ourselves for not living up to our own unrealistic expectations.
So we wallow in our shame and consume even more.

When we wallow there is no room for growth.

My vision is to create a safe space for each person to be witnessed.

I feel I should define witness versus wallow:
Witness – “I had a shit day and ate McDonald’s”
Wallow – “I am a shit person for eating McDonald’s”
The difference is subtle, but powerful.

At its heart, my work is really about accepting yourself as you are now, while creating the you that you truly desire.

Living in the constant duality of acceptance and striving.

Many people think if they accept themselves as they are now they will lose all drive to change. My mission is to show how that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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