Said in another way if the first 37 attempts didn’t work, chances are unlikely it will be lucky number 38!
Diets don’t work.
Because it isn’t about what you eat.
There is no magic combination of macros and micros or calories or points.
If there were you would have found it by now.
Because when you get really honest with yourself you know what to do, you just don’t do it consistently and persistently.
Giving up dieting can seem as scary AF. It can feel like failure for those of us who have been life long dieters.
But I invite you to ask yourself how has following a set of prescribed rules, forcing yourself to eat this and not eat that. How has that been working out for you?
Chances are you’ve created unrealistic standard for yourself and then you’ve blamed yourself for never measuring up.
It’s time to be free of dieting! Learn to listen to your body, it has all the wisdom.
It will feel foreign at first.
It’s time to unlearn in order to re-learn.
Imagine what you could uncover in the process!

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