How to Stop
Self Sabotaging with Food

Join us if you’re ready to
stop the self-sabotage with food…

The day is going down the drain… you just need something sweet to pep you up!

You’ve received some negative feedback; someone criticised you;

You’re bored, tired, overwhelmed, it’s 3 pm…

You’ve reached that point where you’ve just had enough!

You need chocolate, coffee, sugar, soft drink, ‘insert food here’ STAT!

… and then afterwards, you feel shame and disappointment that you’ve FAILED AGAIN!

There’s something you can do about this self sabotage with food

and it’s not to write everything down in a food diary – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Together let’s learn how to switch it around IN the moment AND work towards preventing it in future.

If you want to stop self sabotaging with food and eating when you’re not really hungry, join me for this training and we can make a plan together!

In 2 practical online workshops we will cover:

  • What self sabotage is and how we can stop it in the moment

  • How to recognise the signs of self-sabotage

  • What to do once you realise you’re self-sabotaging with food

  • How to move forward into prevention and avoiding this experience

  • We’ll even look at how to examine your surroundings and support network to see if anything, or anyone, is hampering your progress

Eating WHAT you want and when you WANT to* … you CAN make decisions about your food, instead of letting the situation or feeling take control of your choices.

The primary aim for the course?

To stop the self-sabotaging eating and help you towards your weight goals.

We will cover:

  • Finding a new direction in-the-moment when you’re wanting to eat your troubles away

  • Strategies to avoid eating your way through associations, triggers, events, times and occasions

  • Recognising the self-sabotaging moments and learning what to do when they arrive

  • Tools to plan ahead and prevent the self-sabotaging behaviour, whether home or away

Access the 2 x training call replays and the workbook, to switch your behaviour and prevent future self sabotage with food.


You can register for $50 (AUD)

Check out via PayPal or credit card using the button below.

Join us if you’re ready to stop the self-sabotage with food…

* If you feel that any recommendations offered here may contradict any advice given by your doctor –
then you are advised to consult them first and adhere to the advice of your primary health care provider.

What others have said about this training:

This training provides some very useful tools to help you stop self-sabotaging. It allows you to use your own experiences and shows you how to turn them around to create a positive outcome!

Once again Suze manages to take a complex issue and break it down into manageable action steps! If you’ve tried everything and are looking for something fresh this is it!


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