Are you secret eating?

secret eating

Do you eat in secret?

I have a stash of chocolate that I hide away and eat in secret.

Secret eating is actually a big issue for me!

I used to discount this behaviour, sometimes with silly stories like ‘calories in the dark don’t count’ or ‘if I eat it off someone else’s plate it doesn’t count’,

Sometimes it was  more insidious behaviour, like eating small amounts in public and then binging as soon as I was alone.

I never used to talk openly about this because I was embarrassed and thought I was the only one who behaved in this way.

I also thought I couldn’t help anyone until I had ‘cured’ this behaviour. Who was I to help anyone when I wasn’t perfect myself?

It wasn’t until I started my own coaching business that I began to realise how much we can learn and grow from each other by showing up exactly as we are.

No one wants to learn from someone who appears perfect, because although we may admire this person, we can’t relate to them.

So I show up exactly as I am, with no makeup, with my kids running about in the background, sometimes so sleep deprived I wonder if I am making any sense.

I talk about making small changes and doing ONE thing today that your tomorrow self with thank you for, because people relate to that.

They know that I ‘get it’.

I’ve been super morbidly obese. At one stage my BMI was 55! I have kids that seem to never sleep or leave me alone (I have been interrupted 3 times already as I try to type this post), and I have chronic injuries. But at the end of the day, I get the job done, and so can you.

So whatever it is you want to do, don’t wait till you’re perfect. Chasing perfection will leave you stuck going nowhere.

You don’t need another piece of paper.ualifications don’t help people, you help people.

You don’t need to have the perfect hair or make up.  I rock the Mum bun and I haven’t worn makeup, other than theoccasional lippy, in over 5 years.

You don’t need to be tech savvy or have any fancy equipment.

You just need to show up, as you are and offer to help. People appreciate authenticity so much more than hype.

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