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Looking for those pages and pages of
before & after photos?
I don’t use them.
Not because I don’t get results for my clients, but because I don’t believe in taking credit for YOUR weight release. You’re the one doing the work, and I know for my own weight loss far too many people were too quick to claim my success as their own.
That kind of caper stops right here.
Why W8 is a community of women earning
their success together.

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Why W8 is a weight loss community I lead with support, advice and training to release the hidden mindset limits blocking your weight loss so you can discover what works for YOU and stay on track with your weight loss journey

I started this community to help women stop wasting money on short-term solutions when they really want a long-term outcome (weight loss that lasts). After years of yo-yo dieting and buying into every weight loss program out there, I finally released 78kg to maintain a healthy weight.

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