I often get asked what was my moment, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the light bulb, the switch. Whatever you call it, that moment we are all waiting for, the time to finally take charge!
The truth is there were too many to count.
So many times where I felt this was it, and each time they petered out and I was back at square one (or even behind).
It felt each time I started I was further behind then the time before.
The truth is I finally got tired of my own BS! I called myself on my excuses.
I used to tell myself that my ‘reasons’ were valid. I had young children, I was working, I didn’t have time, I didn’t have the money, I was too busy!
But the hard truth is I had the money to buy the binge food, so I had the money to hire a mentor.
I had the time to watch TV so I had the time to exercise.
I am always going to have children, and I want to set an example for them, and so I couldn’t use them as an excuse.
Then there were the other excuses…
-That I had tried so many times before and failed, so why would this time be different?
-The food called to me from the cupboard and I always eventually gave in to my cravings, so why delay the inevitable?
-It’s in my genes, I’ve always been fat so why even bother trying?
-I’m just a foodie, I can’t resist the chocolate or the cake, why deny who I am?
And the list goes on….and on….
Even now I still have moments where my excuses get the better of me.
In the moment it feels so good to eat but immediately afterwards the guilt sets in, and I feel like I haven’t changed at all.
Those moments are fewer and further between, but they still happen. I momentarily freak out and think what am I doing posting to a page like this and coaching others when I don’t have my own shit together?
Then I remind myself that I am not perfect, and that I never claim to be.
I am learning just like the people I help. I may only be a few steps ahead, but I am on the same journey.
I understand all too well the struggle, as I’ve been there (and some days I am still there).
The secret to success is to just keep swimming (Dory had it nailed).
As long as you keep going it doesn’t matter how many setbacks you have, as you never fail unless you quit xx

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