Know how walking with a friend is more fun… and you usually go further?


 Weight loss is the same

Know how walking with a friend is more fun… and you usually go further?

 Weight loss is the same

This is not a ‘let’s over-commit with big promises then beat myself up for failing’ program.

It’s a pathway to explore how your mind works

To understand WHY the things you’ve tried before haven’t worked

And to help you find a method for weight loss that will actually work for YOU

All within a supportive community of like-minded women, where you can drop in when you need some support, information or inspiration.

Because you know what to do when it comes to losing weight – you could probably write a diet book yourself with all the research you’ve done.

But you feel like a hypocrite because despite all that knowledge, the weight is still there.

Because we all know HOW to lose weight

We just struggle to consistently DO it

But it’s hard to succeed when there’s a hidden gremlin in your mind, secretly sabotaging your every move.

Having the right support (on the inside and the outside) makes any journey more achievable

Reconnect your body, mind, and spirit

Using mindset tools and practical steps, learn how to listen to your body so you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied.

Create new habits that put weight loss on autopilot

I’ll show you how to consistently reconnect with what you really want so you don’t turn to food when you’re tired, stressed or overwhelmed.

Change your mind, change your body
(yes, really)

Easily and effortlessly maintain a healthy weight by simply changing your beliefs about yourself and your body (sounds like voodoo but this was the turning point in my own 78kg weight release)

A proven program that actually works

Why W8 is based on my own experience losing 78kg. I tried every program, shake and challenge you can think of, but it wasn’t until I explored the perfect blend of mindset and action that I finally lost the weight AND kept it off.

I'm Suzanne Culberg The Weight Loss Coach who doesn’t ‘do’ weigh ins, body shaming or boring diets

Why W8 is a weight loss community I lead with support, advice and training to release the hidden mindset limits blocking your weight loss so you can discover what works for YOU and stay on track with your weight loss journey

I started this community to help women stop wasting money on short-term solutions when they really want a long-term outcome (weight loss that lasts). After years of yo-yo dieting and buying into every weight loss program out there, I finally released 78kg to maintain a healthy weight.


My secret?

I put the power in my own hands and took control of my weight journey.

Instead of pinning my hopes on the latest program, shake or challenge to save me, I poked around in my mental closet and fished out the skeletons and mental blocks that encouraged me to give up every time I tried.

So I created Why W8, to share the mindset tools and practical steps that helped me finally shift the weight – to help you do the same. 


Pillars of Success


Learn: Self-paced learning modules

Learn at your own pace and tailor your learning, jumping straight to the lessons that give you the tools you need for YOUR unique challenges. Need more support? Ask questions on the live calls to tailor modules to you.

Connect: Supportive (and active!) online community

You’ll never feel alone on the Why W8 program. Share a win, post when you’d love a little extra encouragement or be inspired by other people’s journeys. 

Grow: Four group coaching calls every month

Can’t make the call? Submit your questions and have them answered live on the call, then catch up on the replay when you have time.


I’m so thrilled to be a part of this membership and it’s unlike any other weight release course, practice or program I’ve ever joined or attempted – thank Goddess. It’s remarkable how small changes, applied consistently and supported with accountability, can literally add up to big results. Suzanne is brilliant and so generous with her time and expertise. I sign up for every offering of hers I can, as I learn something new or something just sinks in with repetition. If you’re done with dieting that doesn’t support you over the long haul, you want to be healthier and happier and you want someone to be real with you – then talk with Suzanne and begin to make those changes right now. It could be the best thing you’ll do for your whole life and your whole health.

Kylie Savidge

Suzanne’s WhyW8 membership and her VIP coaching are amazing. No boring cookie cutter approaches. Without telling you what to do, she manages to inspire and encourage you to find your own path and provides the accountability that helps you stick to it. In her membership, she facilitates a gorgeous, fun and playful support community which is amazing for staying positive and moving forward, at whatever speed is exactly right for you!

Michelle Whitehead

The membership program has been a fantastic support to me for the last 8 weeks. I love the real, grounded, encouraging sisterhood of the group and the fact that no matter how good or bad my day I’m always feel better knowing the right help is just there for me to access. I don’t just feel better I do better.

AJ Ley</p> <p>

I love this membership program the support and advice that Suzanne and the beautiful ladies bring to the group is great. I have been with this membership for 8 weeks and I have learnt that there is always someone to give you a helping hand,some encouragement, some tips and hints to fulfill your journey.

Sue Horrocks</p> <p>

Loving the membership program and finally being able to ditch the diet mentality. All the other diets and programs I’ve tried have made me so obsessed with food, all I could think about is what I could eat and when, and even more so what I couldn’t eat. Now I check in to see if I’m hungry – if so I eat, if not I don’t. Such a nice way to live!!!

Kim Horsfall<br />

Looking for those pages and pages of
before & after photos?

I don’t use them.

Not because I don’t get results for my clients, but because I don’t believe in taking credit for YOUR weight release. You’re the one doing the work, and I know for my own weight loss far too many people were too quick to claim my success as their own.

That kind of caper stops right here.

Why W8 is a community of women earning
their success together.

Join the Waitlist for when
Why W8 opens again


How does it work?

When you sign up you will be sent log in details for our membership platform and details to join our closed Facebook group. The membership platform includes all the modules, details of the upcoming call times and recordings from past calls. You get immediate access to the foundation module about building your skills for lasting transformation, and module 1 about tracking progress. Each week for the following 7 weeks a new module will release, taking you through the hunger scale, your WHY, self care, creating your own eating guidelines, eating principles and much more. I encourage you to work through the material at your own pace, the power of this community is in the application, so try something out and share with us how you go, then I can support and guide you.

How many live calls are there per month and what time are they on?

There are currently 4 live group coaching calls per month. The times vary as we have members world wide! If you cannot attend a call live you can still ask your question in the group and it will be answered on the call and the replay is available in the membership platform.

Do you provide meal or exercise plans?

No. This is a mindset program, focusing on WHY you eat, not what. We do cover topics such as eating on a hunger scale and creating your own eating guidelines, but these are non-food specific. It’s more about when, where and how you eat, not WHAT you eat. .

What is the time commitment required?

This is totally up to you. This is not a course, its a group mentoring program. This is about lasting transformation, so the question of time really is a tricky one. I’ve designed this community for people to lean in and lean out as they need to.

Transformation doesn’t happen on a timeline, its about taking small sustainable action each day, and in this community you will learn to develop consistency.

In practical terms, there are 9 foundation modules that release weekly. Each module is approximately 10 minutes long. There are also group calls most weeks, that go for up to an hour. But there are no requirements, you take from the course what suits you best.

That being said, I would estimate that you set aside 10 minutes per day to take action on the materials. Transformation comes from the doing, and in just 10 minutes per day, you can have massive transformation over 12 months!

Do I need to buy anything else?

No. All you need is a computer or smart phone, internet access, a pen, paper and an open mind!

Is Why W8 for you?

If you’re looking for a guided workout plan or recipes, you can Google that for free online. This is a community for mindset training and accountability support to create real results – instead of doing the same thing over and over and wondering why it’s not working.

(hint: It’s not you. It’s the incomplete approach you’ve been taught)

Why W8 is the place where falling off the wagon isn’t a failure, it’s an opportunity get curious about what triggered that choice, tuning in to your body so you can unpack what happened and learn from it. 

You already know what to do. This is the community to find and free yourself from the hidden reasons why you’ve not been able to do it.

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