Ready to transform your
body and mind?


Ready to transform your body and mind?

VIP weight loss for women sick of starting over


Reset your mindset
Reset your habits
Reset your life

Maybe you’ve tried the shakes and the calorie counting and the 12-week challenges – and it worked for a bit.

Until it didn’t.

And you find yourself back at square one, or even a few sneaky kilos heavier.

I want to help you make this time the LAST time you start over

It’s time to heal, to grow and to release on the inside –
so you can finally do the same on the outside


Confident Mind, Confident Body

Your personal VIP weight loss intensive so you can hit the reset button,

put weight loss on autopilot with new healthy habits

and, with my support and tough love as your accountability queen,
lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Because we all know HOW to lose weight

The hard bit is actually DOING it.

That’s where I come in.

I'm Suzanne Culberg The Weight Loss Coach who doesn’t ‘do’ weigh ins, body shaming or boring diets

Because after years of yo-yo dieting and buying into every weight loss program out there, I finally released 78kg to maintain a healthy weight.

My secret?

I put the power in my own hands and took control of my weight journey

Instead of pinning my hopes on the latest program, shake or challenge to save me, I poked around in my closet and fished out the skeletons and mental blocks that encouraged me to give up every time I tried.

It’s hard to succeed when there’s a hidden gremlin
secretly sabotaging your every move.

The conventional approach to weight loss focuses on meal plans, calorie counting and weigh-ins but doesn’t tend to our inner world.

That’s why the results don’t last – the program ends, or we stop buying the shakes, and we revert back to our ‘set point’, the original weight that’s our body’s comfort zone – the one that feels uncomfortable.

But when you’re desperate to lose weight, it’s less of a ‘set point’ and more of a rut.

From my own journey, I can promise you that weight release is a whole lot easier when every part of you – mind, body, spirit – is on Team Lose Weight.

And now you’ve got me on your team, too.

Why W8? is a safe supportive community. The modules are insightful and there’s a lot of accountability if you want it. Suzanne is very available and at the weekly Q&A calls you can ask anything and Suzanne draws from her own experience of dropping 78kgs as well as her experience as an NLP practitioner amongst other quals. she draws on alot of knowledge. It’s been transforming for me. more with changing my relationship with myself and with food.

Her whole thing is you do you, so there’s absolutely no pressure. It’s the most supportive and encouraging community I’ve ever seen.  

Margaret C, QLD</p> <p>

I thought when I first arranged to talk to Suzanne that I just needed ideas and strategies and organization tips, that it wasn’t an emotional/mind thing anymore. I couldn’t have been more wrong. If that was all I needed, I could have gotten it from Google years ago.

Investing in Suzanne’s services was an investment in myself, and one that I feel will change my life for the better. It already is, one step, one strategy, one action at a time

Jen S.<br />

Our mind guides our choices, our choices guide our habits,
our habits dictate the outcome

The 3 pillars of Success

1. Internal Spring Clean
Finding (and releasing) mental weight – unhelpful beliefs or mindset blocks that feel heavy on the inside and keep you heavy on the outside.

2. Accountability to help you see it through
Compassionate tough love to keep you accountable and supported – from releasing emotional clutter to staying on top of your exercise and nutrition.

3. Healthy habits for life
Losing weight is one thing, keeping it off is another. I’ll help you build healthy habits that put your weight loss on autopilot – so you can maintain a healthy weight for life. 

Is Confident Mind, Confident Body for you?


I’ve created Confident Mind, Confident Body to help you solve challenges like:

  • Feeling like you’re taking one step forward, two steps back as life events (or well-meaning family members) derail your progress
  • Keeping weight off once you’ve lost it
  • Feeling like a failure because the weight keeps creeping back on (it’s not you, it’s the incomplete approach you’ve been taught)
  • Feeling embarrassed by past failures

This six-month intensive gives you more than just the mind training, skills and techniques that helped me lose weight. It gives you ME in your back pocket, helping you with a complete life, mind and body reset so you can reach your goals without having to devote yourself to thinking about (but not eating) food 24/7.



I’m not going to lie – there will be times when it’s hard (emotionally or otherwise),
and you have to do the work yourself.
I can’t lose the weight for you.

But, if you’re tired of yo-yo dieting and ready to dig into the real reasons you’re holding onto the weight,
I can support you, guide you and help you get out of your own way
for every step of the journey.

How we’ll work together

Drawing on my background in exercise and nutrition, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, timeline therapy and energy medicine, I’ll help you create REAL, permanent change in your weight, with:

  • Private sessions together every fortnight
  • Unlimited business hours phone and Facebook Messenger support
  • Minimum of four group calls per month for extra support if you’d like it
  • An active online community of like-minded women committed to achieving weight release
  • Online self-paced mindset training modules and tools to help move you through sticky points in your journey 

So if you’d love to:

  • Stay committed to your weight loss (instead of always ‘restarting next Monday’)
  • Confidently turn down unhealthy treats from well-meaning friends and family without offending.
  • Stop eating for comfort when experiencing physical or emotional pain.
  • Feel more confident about being seen in public – and not let your weight hold you back from doing the things you want to do

…then you’re in the right place.

How much does it cost?

Weight release is a process – it’s not just a matter of losing the weight, it’s retraining your brain so the weight stays OFF. That’s why Confident Mind, Confident Body is a six-month program.

The program is $4000 (get 1 month free), or $800 per month for 6 months.

Maybe you want to slim down for your wedding or school reunion. Or you’re trying to avoid or even prepare for knee surgery.
It doesn’t matter WHY you want to lose weight.

I just want to be sure it’s permanent.

It’s time to break the cycle.

Because you already know what to do.

The real challenge is overcoming why your mind doesn’t want to do it – and replacing those old habits and ways of thinking with a fresh start
for your mind, body and spirit.

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