I used to have a list of things I would put off till ‘one day’ (you know the ‘one day’ when I had lost all my weight).
But my weight was really a cover story, the true reason I was putting things off was because I wasn’t confident enough.
I would set these big goals for ‘one day’ and then I didn’t have to think about now.
Today didn’t really count, because it was just preparation time for ‘one day’.
The chocolate I ate today didn’t count because ‘one day’ I would eat a healthy diet.
Sitting on the couch watching TV today didn’t count because ‘one day’ I would be fit.
The writing I didn’t do today didn’t matter because ‘one day’ I would put myself out there and share my work!
Today was just ‘preparation time’ and so it didn’t really count.
This way of thinking really postpones life.
As long as we postpone life we never really get anything done and we never really go anywhere. We’re living our life in a holding pattern.
We pass each day doing the same kinds of things, because this is just preparation time.
Transformation for me happened when I realised that today is all we ever have.
It sounds cliché but when I truly accepted this I broke out of the monotony and truly started to make changes!
So if you find yourself waiting for ‘one day’ to start, my question for you is why not today?

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