So many of us are future focused. We put all of our attention on all the things we’re going to do ‘one day’.
One day when I’ve lost the weight, bought the house, found the man, had the kids, and so on and so forth.
If this is you I encourage you to take a moment, pause right now and look how far you’ve already come.
Look at ALL the things you’ve already achieved. And give yourself some credit!
I say this to myself as much as for anyone else. I have an addiction to perfection that is rampant.
Look how far I’ve come? Gahhhh none of it was perfect.
I released 78 kilograms, well that doesn’t count because I needed to release 83 to be considered healthy.
I had a tummy tuck, well that doesn’t count because I no longer have a belly button (random fact that you probably wish you didn’t know!)
I’ve built my own business, well that doesn’t count because I am not super rich and living the laptop lifestyle.
I have a uni degree with honours, well that doesn’t count because they’re not first-class honours.
I wrote a book, but it doesn’t count because I’m self-publishing it.
I know firsthand what it’s like to pick apart every success and downplay it because it wasn’t done perfectly.
Is it time for a reframe?
I released 78 kilograms, holy smokes that is monumental, I literally used to carry a whole extra person!
I had a tummy tuck and my goodness do I enjoy that feeling of not having to tuck away an apron of skin every single day (and every time I go clothes shopping!)
I built my own business, and I love the freedom and flexibility to work when I want and rest when I need (especially in these times of home learning).
I have a uni degree with honours, and I created my entire thesis research project from scratch and it was a total learning curve (Medication compliance in elderly patients post hospital discharge was the topic. Actually, now that I think about it that was my first book!)
I wrote a book and am self-publishing it and I love the creative flexibility of having the say on all the design elements.
I invite you today to look how far you’ve already come!
Please share some of your achievements with us in the comments x

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