The secret to success is just to start, it really doesn’t matter where, just start with something!

A lot of us get stuck in indecision – should we follow this program or that one? Should we go low carb, or low fat, or paleo, or gluten free? Should we join a gym or hire a personal trainer? Should we follow this person or that person?

We waste so much time in this indecision! Then when we finally do make a choice we worry that it was the ‘wrong’ one and then we berate ourselves for not choosing differently. We get caught up in the ‘what if?’ What if I had chosen ‘X’ instead? Where would I be now? etc

When ultimately the key to success is taking consistent action. Choose something and commit to doing it consistently. 

Give yourself a time frame. For example ‘I am going to do this exercise regimen for 4 weeks’. Then at the end of 4 weeks assess your progress and then choose whether you want to tweak it, or try something new, but don’t abandon it altogether! 

Consistent action over time is what leads to success!

So pick your action, just one, and commit to doing it for the next 4 weeks. 

If the idea scares or overwhelms you, if you can already feel the excuses brewing, then take a deep breath and don’t think about the 4 weeks, focus on today, commit to doing your one action for today only! 

Say to yourself it is ‘just for today’.

You might not be able to commit to your action for the next 4 weeks, but you can commit to it today. 

Every day repeat this to yourself, and imagine where you’ll be a month from now!


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