Is personal training the answer to weight loss?

personal training and exercise is a useful in weight release

I thought hiring a ‘personal trainer’ would put an end to my weight loss challenges, but it didn’t …


Yes I did lose weight, 43kg over the course of a year and for the first time in my life I wasn’t fat.

But it wasn’t long before old habits started to creep back in.

A maccas run here, a skipped workout there, a block of chocolate here.

It began to add up.

I was so self-conscious of the weight I was regaining, but the harder I tried, the more I seemed to self sabotage!

The good (and bad) thing about activewear is that it has stretch, so I ‘got away’ with a lot.

It wasn’t long before I gained 15 kilograms back.

I enrolled in various weight loss programs but the most I lost was 20 kilograms … and then the sabotage would kick in again.


The only thing lighter was my wallet with all the crazy diets, exercise programs and personal training sessions I was investing in.


So what was really going on here?

Thing is I had placed all my focus on changing my external environment. The gym gear, the personal training, the food in my fridge etc.

And pretty much zero attention on my inner environment. The thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions that had formed this belief that I was a fat person and I always would be.

This idea that weight loss is all about energy in versus energy out is just not correct for most of us.

There is something deeper going on that we try to pacify each time we reach for food.

This realisation set me on a quest to explore, heal and rewire my thought patterns and emotions. And it was nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be!

After that I stopped depriving myself and saying things like “I’m starting a diet on Monday”.

Now I enjoy treats like a mini Mars bar and Netflix on a weekly basis without guilt or fear of putting on weight.

Dieting is the short term unsustainable approach to weight loss and only seems to lead to more emotional harm.

The better, more natural, more authentic, more lasting approach is to steadily unravel our inner world. Make small lifestyle changes, and build on them little by little. This is the foundation from which I now help others through my business.


If you would like to find out more about how I can help you overcome emotional eating book a connection call HERE.

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