“I may be the villain in your story, but that doesn’t make me a villain.” – Client
On a recent group coaching call a client shared this with me. It has stayed with me for days. (Original source of quote unknown).
I’m anxious to publish my memoir. I realise I have painted some people as villains. While they may be seen as the villain in my story, they are NOT villains.
The same as I am sure I am the villain in some other people’s stories. But I too am not a villain.
I am sure we all are the villain in someone’s story. As we have all hurt someone, even if it was unintentional. If someone says that our behaviour has hurt them, we don’t get to tell them that it didn’t.
As I rassle tassel with what to share and what not to share, I then come across this quote…
“Being who you are does not let others down.” – Mark Nepo
This too speaks to me.
Sometimes we don’t share the things we believe in, the things we are passionate about, the experiences we have had, because of fear of letting others down.
We are taught growing up to be considerate of others. But when does this consideration become so overt that we squash some of ourselves?
We dim to fit in.
And as our own inner light fades, we enter the void and engage in behaviours that don’t serve us. It’s a method of squashing down, avoiding, numbing, silencing the parts of us that we think can’t be loved or accepted.
I believe the more we brave speaking up, sharing, connecting and being truly seen and heard, the more we can move through this void and become more of who we truly are.
As we don’t need to DO anything to be deserving of love and acceptance. We simply are worthy and deserving, exactly as we are x

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