How uncomfortable are you willing to get?

How uncomfortable are you willing to get?


Transformation, change of any sort, requires a certain degree of getting uncomfortable. There is no other way to look at it, because if we are comfortable we won’t change, we will just keep doing the same things we have always done, and therefore keep achieving the same result.

In order to change we need to get uncomfortable.

If you want a different result then you need to do things differently. We all know that. It makes sense. But so often we want things to be different but we aren’t willing to do the work required. We aren’t willing to get uncomfortable.

Seriously, who wants to be uncomfortable?

Also uncomfortable is a very subjective thing. What’s uncomfortable to me, could be a simple task for you and vice versa!

If you’d asked me a couple of years ago would I ever do a facebook live I would have said “no way”, the shy introvert in me could never have thought of doing that, but now I do them regularly.

I make this point because it can be easy to fall into comparison mode, and that never results in progress.

Often we compare ourselves as a way of avoiding getting uncomfortable!

So what do I think is the best way to discover our own personal comfort threshold? Using an ‘approach and retreat’ method.


I don’t know about anyone else but when I am feeling inspired I set myself BIG goals! I am talking about impossible dreams! I am 110% committed and I am like “let’s do this!”

Then the next day I wonder “what on earth was I thinking?” And I want to do absolutely nothing!


When this happens I sometimes question my sanity. How can I go from “let’s do ALL the things” to “let’s do NOTHING” in the blink of an eye?

In the past I would beat myself up, I would allow my inner critic to take over and I felt like I was in a perpetual loop of “go” and “stop” and it was like driving with both the accelerator and the brake on at the same time, and as a result I got nowhere (though I did burn through all my energy!)

The ‘approach and retreat’ method is about approaching the border of your discomfort, sticking a toe in the water, holding it there for as long as you can, and retreating when it gets too intense!

For a practical example of this concept, let’s use exercise. Say that you want to run 10 kilometers per day, and currently you are doing NO exercise.

The approach method would be to start with where you are at, if you can only walk for 5 or 10 minutes do that, and when that becomes easy extend out your time a little more. Once that becomes easy you may want to start to jog for a short while, and then walk, and then jog again. (Please do NOT take this as a set idea to follow, I encourage you to google learn to run, or hire a running coach).

The example I am trying to make is that you don’t just get up and decide to run 10 kilometers! Because if you do, it will likely result in an injury, or so much pain that you won’t exercise again for weeks.


The trick to any lasting results is consistency.


So you are much better off to take little actions each day and build on those actions. Rather then have a massive effort and then nothing at all!

How can you approach taking action today? What small step can you take? I would love for you to share in the comments x

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