Have you ever typed something up on the computer, printed it out and then noticed a typo?
It’s frustrating AF.
How do you fix it?
Do you grab a correction pen, fix it on the paper and print it again?
Of course not Suze, has lockdown sent you mad? I would change it on the computer and then hit print again.
We understand this concept clearly when it comes to printing on paper.
Yet we are still clueless about it when it comes to our weight.
I’ve lost count of the number of coaching sessions I’ve had where people come to me wanting to fix their night eating.
We then go ahead to spend very little time coaching about night eating.
Because coaching about night eating is like trying to change a print out with a correction pen.
The eating is the result.
We could spend an entire session on that and the next time you hit print you get a typo again.
It’s time we look beyond the physical.
What is driving the night eating?
What’s below the surface?
It’s time to heal our relationship with food.
No more quick fixes.

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