Finding the right diet plan

I thought the answer to my weight problem was just finding the ‘right’ diet plan….it wasn’t.

Whenever we start a diet we totally ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us as we follow a meal plan that has been provided for us.


When you really stop and take the time to think about this, it’s rather absurd. Someone else tells us what we ‘should’ eat and when, and how much and we blindly follow that.

Our bodies have an innate knowing and wisdom which we frequently try to override.


When in our life do we switch from listening to our bodies needs to following someone else’s plan?


If we look at children, no one tells them how much to eat or how much to sleep – even though we try!

Children are the perfect example of intuitively listening to their bodies needs.

Now I am not saying we should totally revert to behaving like children when it comes to our diet. Chances are my children left to their own devices would survive purely on cake and ice cream alone, and that is not healthy or balanced!

However, I don’t think we should totally override our intuition and eat blindly following a meal plan that someone else has set out for us.

The key is in the balance.


When was the last time you tuned in to your body and actually listened to what it wanted?


When you feel tired, do you rest? Or do you eat some sugar-laden snack as a pick me up or drink a coffee? Now I am not saying that life is simple and that we can all rest whenever we need it, we all have responsibilities!

But, are we driving ourselves too hard and ignoring our inner knowing?

Instead of that 3pm pick-me up treat or coffee could we do 5 minutes of stretching? Could we take a quick brisk walk to clear our heads? Could we plug into a quick meditation or hypnosis? Could we listen to a podcast or a TED talk? Could we look at what we are eating in the morning and tweak that so we don’t get the drops in energy in the afternoon?

The point I am trying to make is that if we listen to our body it’s usually pretty good at telling us what we need.

We may not recognise it initially because we have spent so many years ignoring it!

I know for me when I first contemplated listening to my body I freaked out as I thought my body needed to be ‘controlled’ and left to its own devices it would want to subsist purely on cookie dough and chocolate!

To be totally transparent, for the first few months I did eat a lot of cookie dough and chocolate and I did gain weight! But there came a point where I started to crave vegetables! And soup! And I started to cut a lot of meat out of my diet (as I just didn’t feel like it as much anymore).

Now I am by no means a vegetarian, but there are days I can go without eating meat now as I don’t feel like it so much. There are also days where I eat a lot more chocolate than most would consider a healthy person ‘should’. But I no longer get stressed out about it, as I know it will balance itself out.


The biggest change for me is that if I eat chocolate now, that is all I eat, I no longer eat guilt or shame or any other emotion.


If you have never been an emotional eater what I have just written may make NO sense to you (and that is totally ok). But if you are an emotional eater I want you to know that there is a way out, and the way out is through. When you let go of that control that you are so afraid of everything gets so much easier (after a time).

health without shame

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