Do you feel trapped by your past failed diets?

Is your past littered with started and failed diets? Or perhaps started, worked for a bit, and then failed diets?

Does it seem like the same cycle is repeating over and over for you, like the same movie with different actors? Or more to the point the same diet but with different ‘rules’?

Do you feel a bit hopeless? Like you really want to make a change but you’re trapped by all your failed past attempts…


feel trapped by your past?


If we keep looking to our past to predict our future results all we are going to do is keep recreating the same cycle over and over again. Whether we are conscious of it or not, so many of us allow our negative results from the past to shape and determine how we feel about ourselves in the present moment.

We can’t change ‘what’ happened in our past, but we can change ‘how’ we let it affect us in the present. I know this might all sound well and good in theory, but you may be thinking ‘how’ do I do it? How do I let go and move forward?


Awareness is key

The first step is awareness. I work with a lot of clients about awareness.
People often discount this very crucial step. The reason I harp on about it so much is because without awareness we can’t make a change.

If you don’t know it’s broken, you can’t fix it!


Make the decision

The next step is making a decision to change. Awareness in and of itself is useless without making a decision.


Taking action

The final step is taking action. Now I am not talking about some grandiose do ALL the things at once action. No way. I am talking about the choose one thing, work on it until it becomes second nature, and then add in the next thing, type of action. Small sustainable actions which accumulate over time.

health without shame

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