“We can only consider things so long.  After a while, all the information – all the options and opinions – will begin to weigh us down” – Mark Nepo

I read this quote this morning and it really resonates with me.

So often we feel we don’t know enough.

“I just need more information” we think.

For me I was always sure the answer would be in the next thing.

“I will just read another book, listen to another podcast, attend another seminar.”

It was almost like my personal development journey had become a pyramid scheme with no tangible product.

Just more and more information, courses, offers, people, and empty promises.

There came a point where I realise I was not starved for information.  I was in fact drowning in it.

Everything I read, watched, listened to, or in some way consumed added to my burden.

I reached a point where I went beyond information, to transformation.

I didn’t leap and the net appeared.

I didn’t take massive action.

What I DID do was commit to small actions that compounded over time.

What could be an action you could take today?  An actual tangible step?

I would love for you to let me know in the comments what action you commit to taking today? x


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