Building Boundaries Masterclass Invite

In this BONUS Episode we discuss the Building Boundaries Masterclass

Let’s spend 3 days together going from overthinking and dramatic inner dialogues about why we can’t set boundaries, to making setting and upholding boundaries simple and do-able!

Together we will cover –

*What a boundary actually is.

*Common boundary myths. 

*How to set a boundary and mean it, rather than hesitate, say ‘let me think about it blah blah blah!’ Knowing full well you don’t want to do it! 

*How to enforce (Suze doesn’t like that term, gives her bouncer vibes) or uphold your boundaries.

*What to do when you feel your boundaries are not being respected.  

*How to become more comfortable putting yourself first, and overcome your fears of hurting others, and painful memories of moments in the past when your boundaries were not respected. 

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