Before and now – what happens when we stop trying to nail our cravings

What happens when we stop trying to nail our cravings?


While I was cleaning the house I caught myself thinking “why do I have to keep doing this? Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just clean once and it was done for good?”


Then I made the connection with cleaning and the mindset work I do about my weight and I realised that mindset work is very much like cleaning, it doesn’t last and so we keep repeating it.

There is such a relief in this. I used to think I was such a failure because “Why haven’t I nailed these cravings yet?” or “why is eating still my ‘go to’ when I am stressed?”

I would berate myself by saying things like “I thought I was over this. I teach this stuff, I feel like a total hypocrite at times.”

The thing is, I now have strategies to overcome cravings, to work through triggering thoughts, and to pick myself up when I get knocked down. Sometimes I don’t always employ those strategies, but I have the choice now. Whereas before it felt like an automatic loop.

I just wanted to share this realisation, there is no end to this journey (perhaps that’s why I don’t like the word journey!). The fact that there is no end used to frustrate me SO much.

Frustrated me would focus on things like – the fact that in the before and after stories, they show a clear before, and a clear after. Where is my clearly defined before and after? I can’t be finished yet because I don’t have my clear after yet, I still get cravings and eat at times when I don’t need to!


Whereas now I realise there is before, and there is now.


Now isn’t the magical land of no cravings and requiring NO effort to maintain my weight.

Now is effortless (as in requiring less effort, not NO effort! There is a big distinction here).

So although part of me feels a little ripped off that I don’t have my fairytale weight ending. The majority of me is stoked because now is effortless and I have slip ups, but I can handle those.

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