Six month VIP package

Six-month VIP package

I’m all about the c-word. Not *that* C word, but Choice, Commitment and Consistency.

Once you’re my VIP client, I’ll do more than shake up your mindset – I’ll keep you accountable to your goals.

We’ll dig deep to replace the mindset gremlins that are keeping the weight on, and take simple steps every week so that you see real, lasting change. That’s 26 weeks of working together. Just imagine what you could achieve!

Package includes six months of:
* 60-minute coaching sessions to release limiting beliefs and mindset blocks so you can get out of your own way and see lasting weight release

* Weekly 15-minute Shoulder Shakes with Suze – my secret weapon to keep you focused and catch mindset wobbles BEFORE they turn into game-changing disasters

* Unlimited Facebook Messenger support AND access to my personal phone number for emergencies. Need someone to slap that donut out of your hand? Talk you off the 3.30-itis ledge? I’m here to help!

That’s my eyes, my energy on your weight release journey for an entire 6 months.

Investment: $2500

and receive 5 weeks free

Need to pay by instalments?

Or sign up for a

Payment Plan

for just $250 per fortnight

That’s about the same price as one personal training session per week.
But this is PT for your brain – because you can’t outrun an unhealthy mindset.

Are you ready?
I work with women who are committed and ready to make a change. I’m not going to give you work out advice or even a diet to follow (though I have a Bachelor of Medical Science and I’m also a certified personal trainer, so I do have the know-how).