3-session package

1 : 1 x 3 session package

Is your weight holding you back? If you’re ready to break free from the weight and worry that’s stopping you from starting, whether is be starting your business, starting a new relationship or starting a new life, your next steps start here.

This three-session package is designed to release you from the biggest block that’s getting in the way of your weight loss goals.

Session 1: What’s holding you back? 60mins
We’ll get clear on where you are and where you want to go.

Session 2: Emotional Spring Clean 45mins
This session releases the most destructive limiting belief that’s blocking you from releasing weight. You’ll break free, breathe easy and get going after this one!

Session 3: Make a plan, take action 45mins
It’s time for juicy action. We’ll craft a personalised plan that works for you so you can FINALLY stop carrying the weight you want to release.



The Suze Shoulder Shake
15-minute accountability check-in to keep you on track!


Package: $495

Ready to be seen for who you are?